metamorphosis for mariposa

metamorphosis for mariposa

Friday, October 29, 2010

a metamorphosis!

Metamorphosis is the physical transformation that a caterpillar goes through when it turns into a butterfly. So, when we decided to have a fundraising event for the transformation of Mariposa (which means butterfly in Spanish) it seemed like the perfect title.

It's finally a reality, Mariposa has found a new location for the next phase if its life. It is five times bigger than the existing storefront and only one block away. All along it has been actively seeking contributions and loans from its members to make it possible. After it's completed, the new store will not only be an expanded source of healthy food for West Philly residents, but also a dramatic improvement to the block and the Baltimore Avenue commercial corridor in general. As a neighborhood resident, business owner and co-op member, having this event can be nothing but beneficial to myself and the entire neighborhood.

We've only just started the ball rolling, but already so many other local businesses and artists have agreed to help by donating prizes for the raffle, like gift certificates, restaurant meals, even baked goods and dog walks. Here is the first "tangible" raffle prize to arrive, a handmade butterfly plate by In Situ Decorative Arts. It is decoupaged with vintage images and vellum and would make a lovely addition to any Thanksgiving table.

Please help the transformation by buying raffle tickets and supporting businesses who will be participating on November 20. The raffle will be held at Dock Street and also at VIX. The list of prizes is growing every day - if you'd like to contribute a prize, please let us know. Thank you!